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The PRO 300 CNC series rolling machine for gear teeth is one of the most advanced machines of its kind currently on the market. It is a completely new CNC machine, designed for high-precision rolling of gear teeth and knurls.

The advantages of this new technology are clear if compared to conventional rolling machines and to their relating purchase cost. The PRO 300 CNC machine, which occupies very limited ground space, offers complete use functions, a fast and friendly startup, a simplified and low cost maintenance.

Margins achieved with PRO 300 CNC are without comparisons compared to those of a traditional CNC rolling machine. In certain conditions, the machine manages to assure a repeatability in the pad process "pass/no pass" and to assure a margin on the profile of 0.002/0.003 mm



Minimum diameter knurling tool (mm)


Maximum diameter knurling tool (mm)


Maximum length knurling tool (mm)


Minimum diameter incremental rollers (mm)


Maximum diameter incremental rollers (mm)


Maximum width incremental rollers (mm)


Maximum module (mm)


Maximum pressure

2 x (400-3600 N.m)

Minimum centre distance roller holding mandrels (mm)


Maximum centre distance roller holding mandrels (mm)


Diameter mandrels (mm)


Sizes (mm)


Weight (kg)



1. Each of the drives directly controls a spindle without passing through the constant speed joints. The electronic system auto-detects every placement error of the spindles The angular positioning precision, an important element for the phasing of the rollers, is considerably higher than the traditional CNC rolling machines.

2. The latest generation CNC equipment can detect the position of the spindles and clear compensation by means of the two servomotors.

3. Comparing the rack rolling method of splines to the PRO 300 CNC, the latter really gets close to the production method of cutting machines.

4. Owing to its innovative design, the service life of the performance offered by PRO 300 CNC is considerably higher than conventional CNC rolling machines

5. The fact of using rotating tools doubles the yield of PRO 300 CNC compared to a conventional CNC rolling machines.
























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